1. Andy Warhol, the famous American artist, was born on Monday, August 6, 1928. He is considered a pioneer of “Pop Art” which was an art movement during 1950s. The movement started in Britain during the mid-1950s and was initiated in America in the latter part of the 1950s. Pop art was contradictory to the well-known traditional ways of art.

2. Andy Warhol is certainly an inspiration to art lovers. His work in the field of art is irreplaceable. For this very reason, “The Andy Warhol Museum” has been built in his memory. The museum stands in Andy’s hometown in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The museum is the largest museum in America, which is solely devoted to the art collection of a single artist. It has seven floors with over 17 galleries, 77 sculptures, 900 paintings, 2,000 paper works, 1,000 prints, 4,000 photographs and 4,350 films and videos.

3. The Andy Warhol Museum was visited by 25,000 people in just its opening week. In 2010, this number has grown to 106,396 visitors.

4. Andy Warhol’s parents namely Ondrej Varhola and Julia were immigrants from Slovakia. His father was a laborer and his mother used to earn by cleaning houses and making handicrafts. The couple’s first child was born when they were still in Slovakia but he died before they migrated to the United States of America. They later had three sons namely Paul (1923), John (1925) and Andy (1928).

5. As a child, Andy Warhol suffered from Sydenham’s chorea or Chorea minor. Under the influence of this disease, the patient is said to have uncontrollable jerking movements, especially affecting his face, feet and hands. For this reason, the disease is also referred to as “St. Vitus’s dance”. This illness caused Andy to stay at home for the duration of almost 2 months.

6. After Andy Warhol’s death, his will was read out. According to his will, his estate (except for a few things) was to be auctioned to create a foundation that would work for the advancement of the visual arts. The auction of his estate resulted in collecting around $20 million. This money resulted in the formation of “Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts”. The foundation has been contributing towards the enhancement of arts and overcoming the challenges it possesses since then.

7. Andy Warhol was homosexual and an inspiration to the gay community.

8. Andy Warhol’s earliest work was for a magazine titled “Glamour”. It was his first ever assignment in which he was given a task to write an article. His article was titled as “Success is a Job in New York.”

9. Some people have a really unique choice and are known to have their exclusive favorites just like Andy Warhol. Apparently, he loved buying underwear. This was his favorite thing to buy for himself.

10. Celebrities these days are famous for their never-ending cosmetic surgeries. But surprisingly, Andy Warhol was also one of them. When Andy was only 29 years old, he had a nose job.

11. Andy Warhol’s actual name was Andy Warhola. He changed his last name and dropped the ending alphabet “a” when he moved to the state of New York to pursue a career in the arts after completing his Bachelor degree in the year 1949.

12. Andy Warhol was well known as a “Mama’s Boy”. He was very close to his mother and his mother was also the inspiration behind many of his art works. His mother, Julia Warhola lived with her son till 1971, a year before her death. She shifted to New York in 1952 in order to live with Andy. Andy at times also got his art and paintings signed from his mother.

13. Andy Warhol sure hated one thing and that was eating leftovers. He had a strong dislike for leftovers and avoided eating them.

14. Andy Warhol was a victim of a murderous attack that took place on 3 June, 1968. The murder attempt was carried out by Valerie Solanas, a writer in one of the movies of Andy Warhol. Valerie shot Andy Warhol and Mario Amaya (art critic) at their studio named “The Factory”. Andy was taken to the hospital in a critical state after the shooting incident. Because of the shooting attempt, he damaged several of his organs like lungs, liver and stomach. Doctors were able to revive him only after five long hours of surgery.

15. Andy Warhol used to record all of his conversations. He even used to refer to his recorder as his “Wife”.

16. Rolling Stones album “Sticky Fingers” was a special one for Andy Warhol. He was the one to design its cover along with Craig Braun. The cover later went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award.

17. The last interview of Andy Warhol was taken by art writer Paul Taylor in 1987. It was published in Flash Art magazine.

18. Andy Warhol’s first movie was titled “Sleep”. The distinct feature of this movie was the duration of the movie, which was 6 long hours and the content of the movie, which showed his friend sleeping. The premiere of the movie was attended by only nine people out of whom two left the venue before the movie even ended.

19. Andy Warhol mostly used bright and primary colors in his art. He was a fan of red, yellow and blue colors and used them in combination in many of his paintings.

20. Talk about weird things happening to you in high school. Andy Warhol must have surely felt left out when he was not included in the arts club in high school because of the fact that he was more talented than the rest of the members of the club.