20 Fascinating Stories & Facts About Brad Pitt, The Actor & Philanthropist

Brad Pitt - Celebrity Fun Facts

1. Brad Pitt Worked Hard & Made His Own Way To The Top

Brad Pitt PhotoIf you love Brad Pitt for his amazing acting, your respect for him is just about to skyrocket. Brad Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is not one of those people who are born with a silver spoon. He made his way to the big screen by doing small, low paying jobs all his life. Some of the most notable ones include being a dancing mascot for a restaurant, being a pool boy and serving as a chauffeur to earn money for his livelihood.

2. Very Active At School

Brad is not just a pretty face. Back in school, he was thoroughly involved in the debating society and played a handful of sports such as golf and basketball. He was also fond of the drama club! No wonder he has such polished acting skills!


3. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie In The Forbes List Of Top Earning Couples

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have made it to the fifth spot on the Forbes list of Top Earning Couples. They earned $34 million combined in a span of one year.


4. Brad Pitt Manages His Private Family Life

A private and possessive person about his family, Brad is known to hate the paparazzi while he vacations with his family. After the birth of their twins, the first picture of them and Angelina was so awaited that it sold for $14million alone!


5. Brad Pitt Is Known To Score High In All Sorts Of Top Rankings

No doubt, Brad Pitt is one of the best looking stars around. In 2007 he was ranked second in Forbes Most Selling Faces list, was chosen fifth on the list of the 100 Most Powerful Celebrities and was 4th on People’s Magazine’s list of the Sexiest Men Alive. Now those are some pretty high rankings.

6. Brad Pitt’s Hand and Shoe Prints At The TCL Chinese Theatre

Brad Pitt is one of those few actors whose hand and shoe prints are embossed in cement outside the TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman’s Chinese Theatre) for his powerful performance in the movie Ocean’s Eleven (together with George Clooney and Matt Damon). Such engaging fan following is the best achievement Pitt has had out of his acting career.


7. Before Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Had Relationships With Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston

Brad Pitt Photo 2 - Jennifer Anniston 2Brad Pitt has had one rollercoaster ride when it came to relationships and marriages. His engagement to Gwyneth Paltrow and marriage with Jennifer Anniston were pretty short-lived affairs. At present, his relationship with Angelina Jolie has been stable with four kids in tow.

8. Brad Pitt, The Most Wanted Family Man

Brad Pitt is an exception when it comes to Hollywood actors. Not only has he earned countless awards for his acting skills and his raw beauty, Hollywood’s Life & Styles list ranks him #1 on the list of The Top 10 Hollywood Dads and #4th on Touch Magazine’s Hottest Hollywood Dads list.

9. Charity & Donations Are Always Close To Brad Pitt’s Heart

Charitable contributions have been immense under Brad Pitt’s name. In 2006, he donated $1 million to the foundation Doctors Without Borders and another million to the Global Action for Children. He also has his own charity foundation with his wife, Angelina Jolie: the Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

10. Brad Pitt Takes On Weight If Needed To Play A Role With Conviction

Do you remember Brad Pitt from the blockbuster movie Troy? Sources say, Brad gained a whooping 20 pound of muscles to fit his role in Troy! No doubt, he has the dedication it takes for an actor to completely immerse himself in the role he plays.


11. Brad Pitt Does Whatever It Takes To Win The Heart Of His Beloved One, Even Learning Greek

A romantic by nature, Brad Pitt is known to be a sweetheart while he is in a relationship with any woman. During the Pitt & Anniston days, it is rumored that he took Greek lessons to master the language because Anniston has Greek origins.


12. Commercials With Brad Pitt In It Are Banned In Malaysia …

We love seeing Brad Pitt’s handsome face in the Toyota Altis commercials; however, these commercials are banned in Malaysia because the authorities there have concluded that if the commercials run for too long with Brad in them, Malaysian men will start feeling inferior! There are no more words to describe this man’s global charm.


13. The Movie ‘Seven Years In Tibet’ Had Some Adverse Consequences

Brad Pitt has been barred from entering China. His role in the movie, Seven years in Tibet, was apparently controversial for the Chinese in terms of their beliefs. Therefore, no trips to the Orient scheduled for him.

14. Brad Pitt, The Wedding Ring Designer

Brad Pitt Photo 3 - Wedding RingBrad Pitt’s personality is one that oozes exclusivity. In 2001, he sued the ring maker to whom he gave the design for Jennifer Anniston’s ring, for making replicas and selling it with his brand name! Sources say Brad designed the ring himself to make it special for his first wedding.

15. Brad Pitt, Always Dressed In Style & With Elegancy, According To Polls

If you love Brad Pitt’s sense of style, you are not the only one. In 2006, he was named the Best Dressed Man after a poll was conducted in this category to look for Hollywood’s Most Elegant Man. Together with wife Angelina Jolie, they have also been chosen as the 9th Best Dressed Couple in the entire world!

16. Brad Pitt Has A Pilot’s License, … Do You?

Brad Pitt Photo - Virgin AtlanticHaving an adventurous streak is an asset to his personality. In 2010, Brad booked a seat with Richard Branson to fly into space in Branson’s Virgin Galactic shuttle. He also has a pilot’s license for single-engine planes!

17. Brad Pitt Is (Supposedly) Always Eating Or Drinking Something On The Big Screen

According to fan gossip, it is more than just a coincidence that Brad Pitt is always shot in scenes while he is eating or drinking something! This is really a curious fact when you recall a scene from one of his movies, he is always casually munching on something or the other. Try searching some of his most famous scenes from blockbuster films to convince yourself.


18. Brad Pitt’s First Big Role In Thelma And Louise In 1991

Brad Pitt’s fast track to star doomed was ignited when he once took off his shirt on the set of a movie in his initial years. His appearance was a big catch on the big screen. Together with his hard work in acting classes, Pitt’s part time jobs paid off when he was finally cast in Thelma and Louise in 1991.


19. Hurricane Katrina Prompted Brad Pitt To Find Sustainable Solutions For The Affected Homeless People

Brad Pitt’s services for helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and its victims are undeniable. He paired up with the environmental group Global Green USA to find an environmentally sustainable plan for building communities and home for the homeless people.

20. Brad Pitt Has A Unique Eye For Design & Architecture

Some of Brad Pitt’s most favorite hobbies include swimming, playing instruments and paying attention to detail in interior designs and famous architectural monuments. His $4 million home is known for its amazing architecture and immaculate design.


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Brad Pitt - Celebrity Fun Facts