20 Fascinating Stories About David Karp, The Founder Of Tumblr

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1) David Karp, founder of short-form blogging Tumblr, was born on Sunday, July 6, 1986 in Manhattan.

2) Some people are able to accomplish a lot at such a young age. David Karp has certainly done that. Due to his success, he was ranked among one of the top 35 innovators in the world, who are not even 35 years yet in the year 2010. Not only that, currently Forbes rates his company to stand at net worth $800 million with his personal worth exceeding $200 million.


3) David Karp was the son of Michael D. Karp who is a famous film and TV composer. Michael married a high school teacher, Barbara Ackerman, and they had two sons namely David and Kevin.

4) David Karp’s parents separated  when David was 17 years of age.

5) David Karp completed his early education from the Calhoun School. Here he got admission in 3rd grade and continued to study at the same school until he passed out 8th grade. His mother, Barbara Ackerman, was the Science teacher in the same school.


6) It is sometimes amazing how early some children can start doing things that no one can even imagine in their wildest dreams. This holds so true for David Karp. David started learning HTML when he was only 11 years old. Not only that, he also began helping the local companies by designing websites, thanks to his ever-increasing interest in technology and science.

7) David Karp took admission at Bronx Science, NY. However, he soon lost interest and left the school only after completing one year of education from there. He then started homeschooling and wished to join a college in New York however, those plans were never fulfilled and David never returned to school not even to complete his high school diploma.

8) David Karp managed to do exceptional things as a professional. At the age of 14, he joined Frederator Studios as an internee for animation producer Fred Seibert. He got to be the internee at the studio thanks to his mother who was the Science teacher of Fred’s children and also his wife’s friend.


9) David Karp never stopped learning even though he never went back to high school. He has also taken Japanese classes at Japan Society to learn and master the Japanese language. At home he, with the assistance of his maths tutor, was able to write a software for winning the game of chance poker.

10) David Karp is currently unmarried but not single. He is in a relationship with Rachel Eakley. Rachel herself is a trained chef. She graduated with a degree in Psychology. The two currently live together in the West Village and own a pet dog Clark.

11) One of the exceptional things David Karp has managed to do during his professional career certainly includes completing a task at UrbanBaby within just four hours which he was supposed to do in a few days. Due to his exceptional performance, John Maloney, the founder of UrbanBaby, not only appointed David as the head of product but also made him a partner by giving him equity.

12) David Karp’s idea to come up with Tumblr, the short blogging platform, was a huge success. It was officially launched in November 2007. In just a span of two weeks, 75,000 users came on board. Currently. Tumblr has around 87 million blogs under its belt making this venture immensely successful.


13) David Karp’s Tumblr is the home of blogs of many famous celebrities. In fact, it was Tumblr that hosted US President Barack Obama blog for the first time back in October 2011. Apart from hosting the blog of such a significant political figures, Tumblr currently hosts blogs of celebrities namely John Mayer, Lady Gaga and Zooey Deschanel.

14) The couple, David and Rachel, love to spend weekends exploring the neighborhood of West Village. However nothing beats the fun of playing with their dog Clark, a French-English bulldog mix.

15) David does not need an alarm clock to wake up even on weekends. He is a person who does not like to sleep for long. He has termed himself as well as his girlfriend as “Restless Sleepers”.

16) Wonder what is David’s favorite place for brunch? It is Café Mogador located in the East Village. His favorite items among the menu include orange juice, Moroccan mint tea, eggs Florentine, bacon and avocado salad.


17) David and Rachel love watching TV. Due to their busy schedule, they watch their favorite weekday shows on weekends. Hence, during the weekend they have a list of their favorite shows to be watched. These shows include 30 Rock, Daily Show, Colbert and The Office.

18) David Karp, even after the millions he makes, has maintained a very modest and not-so-lavish lifestyle. But David Karp recently bought a $1.6 million loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It is spread over a 1,700 square foot area. However David still likes to keep his home free from overly expensive furniture and things. The loft has a bedroom which is nearly empty. It has a wardrobe with clothes that only fills half of its space. The living room also has a TV set and just a sofa. Hence David Karp is a minimalist and likes to keep only those things that are required.

19) One of David’s closest friends Marco Arment comments that his friend loves to get rid of things and does not feel like owning many items. He is quoted as saying: “He owns, like, three items. He’s always looking for ways he can get rid of something.”

20) Do you know what is common between Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and David Karp? All three of them are immensely successful today but they never got to finish their education and dropped out of school or universities. Other famous and successful people who have dropped out of high school like David are the billionaire businessman Jim Clark, actor Kevin Bacon, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Elton John among many others.


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