20 Fascinating Facts About Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman Of Google

Eric Schmidt - Large - People With Impact - Google Executive Chairman Former CEO

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1) Eric Emerson Schmidt, Executive Chairman Of Google, Born On 27 April 1955

Eric Emerson Schmidt is an American based entrepreneur, who is a software engineer by profession. He was born on 27 April 1955, and currently he is working as Executive Chairman at Google. According to estimates, Schmidt has a total wealth of 7.5 billion dollars and Forbes magazine ranked him as 138th wealthiest person in the world.

2) Former CEO Of Novell

Schmidt started his professional career with UNIX computer operating system firm. In the year 1997, he became CEO of Novell, he resigned from there in the year 2001. In the same year, he started working at Google.


3) Electrical Engineering Degree From Johns Hopkins University In 1976

Eric Schmidt was born to Wilson Schmidt and Eleanor. He got his early education from Yorktown High School, Virginia. Schmidt was enrolled in Johns Hopkins University from where he switched his major from architecture to electrical engineering and graduated in the year 1976.

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4) 31 Years Of Marriage With Wendy Boyle

Schmidt met Wendy Boyle during his four-year stay at International House Berkeley. Finally, in 1980 Eric Schmidt married Wendy Boyle and moved to Atherton, California. They have two beautiful daughters together named Allison and Sophie. The couple separated in the year 2011. After their separation, Schmidt dated Lisa Shields but their relationship did not last for long.

5) Chau-Giang

Chau-Giang and Eric Schmidt started dating in the year 2012. Chau-Giang Nguyen is a famous concert pianist, who was formerly engaged to Brian Grazer.

6) Started Working At Sun Microsystems In 1983

Eric Schmidt started working at Sun Microsystems in the year 1983. He started working as software manager, then promoted and became director of software engineering and finally became president of the Sun Technology Enterprises. At Sun Microsystems Schmidt became receiver of amusing April fool’s Day pranks. In one of the pranks, his office was moved and assembled in center of a pond, and in a subsequent year, a Volkswagen Beetle was installed in his office.

7) Eric Schmidt Was Hired As CEO Of Google In 2001

Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Google; they jointly interviewed Eric Schmidt and were impressed by Schmidt’s charisma and motivation. They hired him to run Google in the year 2001. Schmidt worked with Michael Moritz and John Doerr and made Google even more successful.

8) Ranked As One Of ‘The Top Gun CEOs’

According to Brendan Wood International, which is one of the leading advisory agencies, Schmidt is ranked in the list of “Top Gun CEOs”. PC World also ranked him in the list of 50 most influential people on the web in the year 2007; Sergey Brin and Larry Page were also ranked in this list.

9) Had To Resign From The Board Of Apple In 2009

Eric Schmidt was also elected among the boards of directors for Apple. However, he resigned from this position in the year 2009. He resigned from the Apple board, as there was severe, growing competition between Apple and Google.

10) Eric Schmidt Founded His VC Firm, Innovation Endeavors

Eric Schmidt values innovation and sophistication. In 2010, Schmidt and Dror Berman jointly founded Innovation Endeavors; their mission was to promote aspiring businesspersons by providing them with capital, technological assistance and a reliable network. This venture has funded many diverse companies worldwide including Uber, BillGuard and Gogobot.

11) Strong Supporter Of & Advisor To President Barack Obama

Eric Schmidt is a strong supporter of Barack Obama. Schmidt has provided his services to the current president of the USA as his campaign advisor and by donating funds to his campaigns. Schmidt also showed his support for the president and in the month of October 2008, he started to campaign on behalf of Obama. After Obama’s victory in the elections, Schmidt was appointed as a member of President Obama’s transition advisory board.

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12) Chairperson Of The New America Foundation

Schmidt list of success does not end here; he is currently the chairperson of the New America Foundation. This foundation was launched in the year 1999; it is a non-profit organization and a think tank.


13) 10 Years CEO Of Google, Inc.

When Eric Schmidt was recruited at Google, he was paid a gross salary of twenty five thousand dollars and his package also included a performance based annual bonus. When in the year 2011 Schmidt left the position of CEO at Google, the company paid him a total of hundred million dollars in equity.

14) Set Up The Schmidt Family Foundation In 2006

Eric Schmidt is also a socially responsible person, he along with Wendy set up a foundation called The Schmidt Family Foundation in the year 2006. This foundation’s main aim was to use natural resources in a sustainable and responsible manner. They have currently launched several projects on the Island of Nantucket by collaborating with San Francisco based Architecture Company called Heart Howerton.

15) Art Collector

Few people know that Schmidt is fond of collecting unique art pieces. In the year 2008, ART news ranked him in their list of top two hundred art collectors. He is also an active member of Bilderberg Group and attended its conference in 2011 that was held at St. Moritz, Switzerland.

16) Member Of Boards Of Trustees

Eric Schmidt has provided his services in various capacities, he was also among the board of trustees at Princeton University and Carnegie Mellon University.

17) Mobile War With Apple

There is an ongoing mobile war between Google and Apple Inc.. It is obvious that Google has a clear success as Android has a larger market share than Apple iOS. Eric Schmidt also said in an interview that on a daily basis, 1.3 million Android devices are activated and this number is ever increasing.

18) Rides An Eco-friendly Hybrid Car

Eric Schmidt’s favorite car make is Toyota Prius and he loves to ride it occasionally. This car matches the celebrity status of the man himself. This car is unique in a sense that it is a Hybrid car, which an economy of 50mpg.

19) Grand Mansion In Atherton, CA

Eric Schmidt has bought a recherché estate in the rich neighborhood of Atherton in the state of California. This property is worth 3.7 million dollars and has more than five bedrooms.

20) Pilot Of His Gulfstream V

Eric Schmidt loves to fly planes and is very passionate about it. He is a proud owner of Gulfstream V, which is one of the most exquisite private jet planes. Schmidt himself is a certified pilot but whenever he flies, he ensures that a professional crew is flying with him. His favorite destinations are Europe and East Coast.


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Eric Schmidt - Large - People With Impact - Google Executive Chairman Former CEO