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1) Jack Dorsey is an American based web developer, who was born on November 19, 1976. He spent the early years of his life in St. Louis, Missouri. He showed signs of superior intelligence just at the tender age of thirteen when he designed dispatch routing software. Many taxi drivers in the area are still using his software.

2) Jack Dorsey got his high school diploma from Bishop DuBourg High School and later got admission into Missouri University of Science and Technology, but later he continued his education at New York University.

3) He is not just a web developer but also a very successful entrepreneur. During the year 2008, MIT Technology Review added him in their list of the top thirty-five innovators around the world, who got so much success and prestige before the age of thirty-five.

4) It is interesting to note that like Steve jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who made a big name in computer technology, Jack Dorsey also dropped out of his university before finishing his undergraduate degree program.

5) In order to start his very own company Dorsey dropped out of university in the year 2000 and moved to the city of California. He set up a company in Oakland that offered dispatch software online that could be used by various courier and taxi service providers.

6) Dorsey had many creative ideas and in July 2000, he conceived an idea for a new concise messaging communication service. He got his inspiration for this idea from existing web based instant messaging services such as AOL Instant Messenger and Live Journal.

7) Noah Glass and Jack Dorsey founded twitter, the name that is recognized worldwide. It was launched in March 2006, originally it was called “twttr” but later it was named Twitter Inc.

8) Jack Dorsey played a crucial role in development of Twitter Inc. and was CEO for the company until the year 2008. Evan Williams took over the position of CEO on 16 October 2008; however, Dorsey’s association with the company did not end here. He got the position of chairperson of the board. Dorsey became the chairperson of Twitter Inc. in the year 2011.

9) Jack Dorsey wanted to build a site that could allow users to share their statuses with friends and family. Within a short span of two weeks, he created an uncomplicated site that enabled users to post messages instantly. These messages could be 140 characters long and are referred to as “tweets”.

10) Do you know who the first person to post a tweet was? It was the creator himself. On 21st march 2006, Jack Dorsey posted the world’s first ever twitter message. He tweeted “just setting up my twtr.”

11) Jack Dorsey enjoyed so much success and money at such a young age. In order to match up the usual conception of a mature Chief Executive, he got his nose ring removed. Nevertheless, he maintained his individuality by keeping his trendy haircut and a tattoo that constituted of abstract patterns and image of human collarbone.

12) It is interesting to note that when Twitter was launched it was heavily ostracized. Conan O’Brien who is a well-known late night comedy show host featured a special segment called “Twitter Tracker”. In this segment, the host made fun of those users who used twitter, as it was thought that people to publicize minor events of their lives to the whole world would use Twitter. Soon many well-known celebrities and executives started to use Twitter and all the bad publicity stopped.

13) Dorsey got much fame from the launch and subsequent success of Twitter, and by the end of the year, 2010 there were more than hundred and five million Twitter users worldwide. It was estimated that these users tweeted about fifty five million times in a particular day.

14) Twitter is already a revolutionary idea that is facilitating the way people communicate with each other but for Dorsey the journey has just begun and in one of the interviews he said, “in terms of technology, we are going to see a better and more immediate experience around the everyday things we do in life.”

15) Twitter is among many of the projects Dorsey has conceived. As an entrepreneur there is a list of successful ventures, he has invested in. He became one of the top investors in the social networking firm called Foursquare. His new venture is Square; it is a small device that is attached to computers or cell phones that enables users to obtain credit card payments on them.

16) Jack Dorsey’s another successful venture includes “Square”. Square started as a small firm employing ten people in the year 2009, it expanded and by June 2011, it employed over a hundred people. In the year, 2012 Business Insider magazine estimated the net worth of Square Inc. to be 3.2 billion dollars.

17) Jack Dorsey envisioned that Twitter will become most widely used site and even after its popularity, Dorsey continued the hard work. Dorsey’s top strategy for the Twitter was to improve its uptime rather than earning revenue. It was only after the year 2008 that Twitter actually started to generate revenue.

18) As a kid, Jack Dorsey did not watch television a lot instead, he preferred to read books. His favorite genre in books is fiction and he recalls that he was so fond of reading that he even used to take his books with him even when he went to watch football games.

19) Jack Dorsey is the great admirer of cities and its architecture. In one of his interviews, he said his favorite activity is strolling in urban areas. He often meanders on the streets of New York and San Francisco.

20) Jack Dorsey is an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and web developers. As a person, he is very optimistic and believes in human potential and democratic society. He has said that all his ventures have the same goal, he wants to create such innovative ideas that help a society work efficiently and in a humane manner.

Jack Dorsey - Large - People With Impact - Twitter - Square