Jennifer Lopez - Large

1. American singer and actress Jennifer Lynn Muniz, famously known as Jennifer Lopez, was born on Thursday, July 24, 1969 in Bronx, New York. She was born to Rodriguez and David Lopez. She has two sisters namely Leslie and Lynda. The family lived in a small flat when Jennifer was born and moved to a double story house only when they had saved enough money.

2. Jennifer Lopez is immensely popular among her fans and with magazines as well. People magazine rated her as the “World’s Most Beautiful Women” in its April 2011 edition. Apart from that, Jennifer Lopez is the only woman who has topped the For Him Magazine’s (FHM) list of the 100 Sexiest Females in the world not once but thrice. She made it on top of the FHM list for 3 consecutive years. No other female has ever been able to do that to date.

3. With the world moving so fast, it is certainly becoming a task to keep one’s self updated with all the technological changes. However, Jennifer Lopez admits that she lacks computer knowledge and is awfully terrible when it comes to operating computers. She has a hard time using computers or going online.

4. It comes as quite a surprise that a woman, whose love life has been a terrible one, with three divorces and a broken engagement, is a fan of books based on relationships. She loves to buy and read books, which are all about relationships. May be she is still trying to find the answers to her failed love life in such books.

5. Jennifer Lopez named her first studio album “On the 6”. The title had a special meaning to it. As a college student, Jennifer used to travel on the NY 6 train for her dance auditions. Thus, she named the album “On the 6”.

6. Jennifer Lopez’s parents are both Puertorican. However, Jennifer Lopez is not very good with the Spanish language and has a hard time speaking Spanish though it is her mother tongue.

7. Back in the days when Jennifer Lopez was unknown to all, she appeared in a music video for Janet Jackson. The song was titled “That’s the Way Love Goes.” Jennifer Lopez was seen dancing in the music video. She has also been one of the backup dancers for Janet Jackson.

8. Hollywood celebrities are famous for their dependency on alcohol and drugs. However, Jennifer Lopez is one of the Hollywood celebrities who does not drink or smoke. She should certainly be a role model for all those celebrities who are used to checking into rehab like Lindsay Lohan.

9. Jennifer Lopez’s love life is not such a good one. She has been married thrice. Her first marriage was to model Ojani Noa (1997-1998), second to backup dancer Cris Judd (2001-2003) and third to famous singer Marc Anthony (2004-2012). Apart from that she has also dated David Cruz, rapper P. Diddy and actor Ben Affleck to whom she also got engaged. The engagement was later broken off and Ben started dating actress Jennifer Garner to whom he is now married.

10. Jennifer Lopez is the biological mother of twins Emme Maribel Muniz and Maximillian David Muniz. Singer Marc Anthony, Jennifer’s third husband, is the father of the twins. It is noteworthy that both twins do not have their father’s name as their last name.

11. Celebrities these days do cash in a lot of money by giving magazines the right to publish the images of their newborn babies. Jennifer Lopez was no different when it comes to this. Apparently, JLo’s twins made it to the cover of People Magazine in its March 2008 issue when they were a month old. Jennifer Lopez got $6 million from People magazine in exchange for her twins’ photos.

12. Jennifer Lopez is said to have a friendly relationship with the famous Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and his now ex-wife Katie Holmes. Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony were also on the guest list for Tom and Katie’s wedding.

13. “La Guitarra” is a nickname given to Jennifer Lopez. Do you know the reason behind it? Well it is due to her body. Her body is curved just like a guitar, which makes this nickname perfect for her.

14. Celebrities are paid a lot for making appearances at various events around the globe. Jennifer Lopez was once paid $ 1 million just to attend a Ukrainian wedding.

15. Jennifer Lopez holds a record of her own. She is the only person in the history of the industry who has managed to take her music album and movie to the top all at the same time. Her second studio album, JLo, and her movie The Wedding Planner peaked on the charts and box office respectively.

16. Couples having mash-up names is now so common in Hollywood, thanks to the media. However, did you where this trend started? It started with none other than Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The high profile couple was given the name “Bennifer” by combining their first names “Ben” and Jennifer”. They were the first couple to have a mash-up name though they did not last long and their engagement was broken off.

17. Police along with P. Diddy once arrested Jennifer Lopez, during the days when she was dating him. Both were arrested after a shooting incident at a nightclub. However, charges against JLo were dropped and P. Diddy was acquitted.

18. Both of Jennifer Lopez’s sisters are in the entertainment industry as well. Her elder sister Leslie is an Opera Singer while younger sister Lynda is a part of New York’s WB Network Channel 11.

19. It is amazing how strange rumors regarding famous celebrities float all around. Jennifer Lopez is one such celebrity. It was rumored and believed for a long time that she loves the color white and wants and demands everything white around her, like white decors, white flowers, white curtains, etc. However, Jennifer Lopez later on denied this as a foolish rumor.

20. What did Jennifer Lopez do with the money she was paid for doing the movie “Selena”? She went and bought her mother a brand new Cadillac.