1. Justin Bieber’s full name is Justin Drew Bieber and he was born on Tuesday, March 1, 1994 in Ontario, Canada, at St Joseph’s Hospital. He shot to fame in 2008 after Scooter Barun, an American talent manager, saw his video on YouTube and thought of giving him a break. Through Scooter’s efforts, Bieber landed a contract with Raymond Braun Media Group and then with Island Records. It might come as a surprise that the YouTube video of Justin Bieber, which shot him to fame, was from a talent competition in his hometown that Justin lost.

2. Justin Bieber’s mother, Patricia Mallette, had a teenage pregnancy. She became pregnant with Justin when she was only 17 years old. Justin’s father is Jeremy Jack Bieber. His biological parents never got married but have remained friends.

3. The social media craze is everywhere and celebrities are no different. However, when it comes to Justin Bieber, he tops the list of having the maximum number of followers by a celebrity on Twitter. As of now, Justin’s twitter account has 34,345,394 followers with almost 123,677 tweets. His twitter account gets a new follower with each passing second. It does not really matter if he tweets or not as he is mentioned around 60 times already on twitter.

4. According to Justin Bieber, he is not interested in becoming a citizen of the United States of America and considers his home country Canada as the best in the world. Wonder why he then went on to buy his first mansion in Calabasas, California? He made the purchase in the summer of 2012. The mansion is spread over 1.3 acres and it even has a movie theatre of its own.

5. Klout is a company that deals with providing social media statistics to analyze how users are influenced by the social media. Klout has given Justin Bieber a score, on its “online influence” scale, which is higher than the score of President of USA Barack Obama.

6. It is a little known fact that Justin Timberlake was also willing to sign Justin Bieber to give him a break through. However, Bieber had already signed with Usher at that time.

7. Justin Bieber is one talented boy. The one who taught him to play music instruments is none other than Justin himself. He taught himself to play drums, piano, guitar and trumpet. It is astonishing that he started playing drums at a mere age of 2.

8. The talent competition, whose music video made it to YouTube, was a reason of another joy for Justin and his mother. After the competition, Justin started singing on the streets as he learnt that he could make money out of it. He was right. He eventually made $ 3,000. With this money, he travelled with his mother to Disneyland, which was their first holiday ever.

9. Justin Bieber is one of those lucky people who have managed to pass their license test in the very first attempt. What did he get as a present for that? A brand new Range Rover gifted to him by Usher. He now also owns Cadillac, Mercedes van and Fisker Karma.

10. Though Justin is immensely popular among his fans and the charts, he has not been able to receive a single Grammy as yet. Though he was nominated in 2011 for two categories at the Grammys, he was unable to win the Grammy for either the Best New Artist or Best Pop Vocal Album.

11. Justin Bieber is among those celebrities whose wax statues have been made for Madame Tussauds. To date, Justin has three wax statues of himself. These statues are standing at Madame Tussauds in New York, Amsterdam and London. All these statues of Justin Bieber have different outfits; however, they all have one thing in common: his hairstyle.

12. The Christmas Eve of the year 2011 brought even more joy for Justin Bieber. His Christmas album “Under the Mistletoe” sold an approximately 210,000 copies in just one week after it was released. It was not only the first holiday album by a male singer to open at No. 1 but it also made Justin the only solo artist to have three number one albums under his belt prior to his 18th birthday.

13. It is fun to be known as the sibling of famous celebrities. Justin’s siblings will surely agree. He has a stepbrother Jaxon and a step sister Jazmyn. Both are quite young but it would come as a surprise that Jazmyn is already on twitter with almost 400,000 followers. With not even a single tweet as yet from her twitter account, she has been able to get quite a number of followers. Following on the steps of big brother Justin, isn’t it?

14. Justin Bieber is known to forget his toothbrush whenever he is travelling. It is one of those things that he always seems to forget to pack. Thus, most of the times, he has to get a new toothbrush by asking for it at the hotel’s front desk.

15. Justin Bieber is infatuated with American singer Beyonce. He is said to admire the beautiful singer.

16. The first time Justin Bieber sat in an airplane was when he was supposed to meet Scooter Barun for the first time. Before that, Justin had never travelled on a plane.

17. Most fans of Justin Bieber are girls. Whether boys hate him or love him, they are certainly paying a lot of money to get Justin’s hairstyle. They pay as much as $150 in order to get a haircut similar to Justin’s.

18. Justin Bieber surely has many fans not only for himself but also for his hairstyle. It is reported that he gained 120,000 followers on Twitter after his haircut. Not only that, a fan made a bid of $12,000 on eBay to buy Justin’s hair.

19. In Justin’s song “Never say never” the most used word is obviously “Never” which is said almost 73 times in the song.

20. Justin has made his appearance on a number of lists. But appearing on the list of most searched “Women” on Google must have surely surprised Justin. He was ranked number 7 on the list of “Most Searched Women on Google”.