1) Megan Fox was born on 16 May 1986 and has been raised in a Catholic family. She went to Catholic schools and educational institutions and has a mixture of Irish, American and French family background; this combination is what gives her the stunningly sharp features and attractive looks.

2) As a child, Megan Fox loved The Ninja Turtles cartoon series. Being a very energetic kid, she formally started training for singing and drama when she was just five years old. Not only this, she also took part in the choir class at school and signed up for dancing lessons at school. She was also considerable good at sports and therefore it was no surprise for her family when she joined the swimming team at her school too.

3) Despite being beautiful, Megan Fox did not have a very pleasant time at school. She was bullied by other kids and was forced to eat her lunch in the toilet all by herself.

4) Her parents were considerably strict; she was not allowed to go to friend’s places for fun or even to invite friends at her home. During school, she did not have a boyfriend; the first guy who came into her life was after she had left her parents place.

5) By the time she turned 13 years of age, Megan Fox had turned into a full fledge model. She participated in the 1999’s American modeling and talent convention and was awarded several titles and prizes during the competition.

6) During her high school, she became a cheerleader and was the center of attraction for many people. Her favorite movie during her teenage years was “Scream” while she loved listening to hard rock music. Her first preference in music was the band Nirvana.

7) When she turned 16, she was offered her first role as a film actor; although the role was very small, yet it marked the beginning of a long-term career. She played the role of Brianna Wallace, a very annoying girl, in “Holiday in the Sun” as her movie. In 2002, she was signed up a television serial named “Ocean Avenue”.

8) Many people are not aware of the fact that Megan Fox starred in Bad Boys II as a nightclub dancer. However, her major break in career came with the movie “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” in which she worked alongside Lindsay Lohan in 2004.

9) The same year i.e. 2004, she was chosen as the lead star for a drama serial “Hope and Faith”; the serial was however halted after running for two years. However, by this time Megan Fix had already established a name in the industry and film producers knew who Megan Fox was.

10) When auditioning for “transformers” in 2007, the director Michael Bay told Megan to wash his Ferrari. This scene later became one of the most successful ones in the movie. When she was selected for the movie, Michael Bay asked her to put on some weight because he was not particularly fond of skinny girls. She had to gain 5 pounds to fit the standards of Michael Bay for the movie.

11) During the filming of the movie, Megan Fox had to run around in boots, which resulted in her losing two of her toenails. Despite that, she continued her shooting for the movie with a dedication, which was appreciated by the movie crew.

12) Her favorite Decepticon in the movie was Devastator; according to Megan Fox, she is the most beautiful piece of construction. When questioned about her favorite Autobot, her answer was the obvious i.e. Bumblebee.

13) She got declared as the sexiest woman by FMH magazine readers’ choice poll. When interviewed after that, Megan Fox stated that it has been a pleasant surprise for her. She also admitted to the fact that she has subscribed to an adult men’s magazine on a monthly basis.

14) In 2009, “A day without Megan” was celebrated in which the entire media boycotted her for a day. No written statement was made about her and no comment was passed. British Newspaper stated that August 4 should be taken as a memory of Megan Fox only.

15) It is said that Megan Fox is not very fond of flying; she developed this fear at the age of 20. She calms down herself on a flight by listening to music by Britney Spears.

16) She suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) because of which she is not able to properly handle her cutlery in restaurants and public places. She is also unable to use public toilets because of the same disorder.

17) Megan Fox is said to have eight tattoos on her body; one of them is that of her husband “Brian” which is present on the bottom of her hip. There is a tattoo of Marilyn Monroe as well on the inner sleeves but Megan wants to get it removed because she says she does not like it anymore.

18) She is a big fan of animated characters and comics. Her favorite comic is that of Michael Turner; if noticed closely it also seems as if Megan Fox has copied her appear from the character of Fathom in the comic as well. She stated that she was obsessed with the comic as a child.

19) During her teenage years, Megan Fox spent most of her time playing games. She was into swimming but was also a fan of online games. She was addicted to some of the games like “Halo: Reach” and her all-time favorite was the “Guitar hero”.

20) At the age of 15, she was accused of stealing cosmetics from Wal-Mart and therefore was banned from entering the store in her hometown. It was never proven however that she actually stole one of the cosmetic items in the store. A year later, when she was signed up for movies and drama serials, the store management removed the ban.